False ceiling with modern design

Original design false ceiling cement

False ceiling with modern design - Are you already tired of the smooth ceilings without style? Today we present the false ceiling, a new trend which consists embellish the roofs of indoor spaces with all kinds of molds, platforms and insulating panels of different materials, do not miss these fifty beautiful pictures.

False ceiling contemporary design
reliefs original design ceiling lights

First we will see some details to keep in mind when deciding on a model of false ceiling. In fact, in addition to being decorative, false ceilings fulfill the function of soundproofing, isolate, protect from heat and maintain optimum moisture level in indoor spaces.

Ceilings and floors with wood paneling
nice wooden false ceiling design

However we must clarify that some of the images show removable false ceilings but many others have ceilings of work that were designed in conjunction with the rest of the architecture. In either case, what is at issue is to transform the look of the interior spaces with style and good taste.

Design of luxurious living room with ceiling cut
false ceiling pretty luxurious design

Let's look at the model of luxurious living that appears at the top. The roof design is stepped and has different structures that define the different spaces. One purpose of leveling the ceiling is to hide the lamps embedded lights LED lighting making occurs indirectly.

Ceiling modern design with LED lights
Led lights modern kitchen design

By contrast, in the next design kitchen modern design it appears with a plank roof integrated architecture. It is an independent structure that seems suspended and thanks to the LED lights that border brings an aspect of the most futuristic and contemporary, it is a most current design.

Roof rustic wooden
Layout wooden roof

Wood also appears often in modern designs ceilings. Either in the form of lama or coating, this material has been reborn to show an aspect of natural. Upstairs we have a Scandinavian design room air with a ceiling of wooden beams showing very rustic look.

Modern living room with painted ceiling
 nice ceiling led lights

These are some of the ideas that have caused more excitement in interior design worldwide. We will leave you now with the rest of the images of modern ceilings, hope you enjoy the journey and do not forget to visit our blog to continue to learn the latest trends in interior design, we hope.


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