Keys to A Stylish Lounge, Furniture, Lighting, Accessories, Pictures

Keys to A Stylish Lounge, Furniture, Lighting, Accessories, Pictures

Keys to A Stylish Lounge - We are all optimistic to think of decorating our classroom, although many may have taste like something innate, for others it is somewhat difficult because the sense of harmony and aesthetics is not always easy to achieve.

Par avoid possible collisions or decorative absurdities, we recommend some basic things you should do before you start decorating.

The first will have an idea of ​​what you want for your living room. Make a mental sketch of the type of decoration you're looking for, this will help not to hesitate or change his mind in the development of your decorative project or remodeling the room.

You should also inform you of styles, designs and trends, this will help you define furniture, colors, accessories and even the smallest details. But you must pay close attention to the following: a decoration magazine or catalog does not always look good in your home, you must analyze the style of the other rooms to avoid making decorating mistakes.

Lighting is essential to the impact we seek in any decoration, you must take into account the natural light accordingly work on the system of artificial lighting. Do not forget that although details do not provide the right level of illumination become perfect complements, we refer to the candles.

As important as the lighting is the showroom floor, should take into account the color, material and texture according to these characteristics Determines the colors of the walls, furniture and accessories.

The furnishings are critical to achieving a good design, you must take into account the size of your living room to define the size of the furniture so that these do not remain so small that they lose in the lounge or so large that simply do not fit. Ideally choose those, or send a manufacture that allow us to move freely through this environment.

The theme of the curtains is also important, is the main accessory of any decoration, the solution is simple, we only follow the style of furniture to define the colors and possible textures or prints of the curtains.

The details and accessories are important and often give a touch of personality to the room, you can find these at craft fairs, markets or shops vanguard, everything depends on the style to know where to buy them.

All room by very rustic and edgy it needs to transmit more or less average something referred to outer space, nature, plants are a very good solution for this, and do not worry, plants have the advantage of being either regardless of the style of your living room, the infinite varieties allow you to choose the right.

And finally the pictures will be responsible for giving a touch of art to the walls and accentuate the style of the room.


hello, my name is Ziaul kamal, I love writing, and the world will discuss the decor of the room and the building.

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