Original ideas for decorating the ceiling


Original ideas for decorating the ceiling - The ceilings are part of the house at least pay attention when it comes to decorating. However, the decoration of the ceilings of some rooms such as the living room and bedroom, to some extent affects our mood and sleep. Because they are an essential part in decorating homes, in this issue we offer 3 original ideas for decorating the ceiling. Do you dare to redecorate your home?

Colors to paint ceilings

If the color is effective to completely change the look of a room, the effect is even greater when it comes to the ceiling. For a sober and Zen decor inside, you can choose light colors for the roof, this allows better use of natural light and not visually reduce the space.

At the level of the tones, the current trend is in light gray, beige, and pink. If our roof has a ceiling in the center, we can paint it a different color. For a more original result, we can also create different motifs using a template.

Decorations on the ceilings draw

If we have artistic soul and originality we like, we can choose to make a landscape on the roof. In a bedroom, you can draw a sky, as it helps to relax and sleep soundly. We can also opt for a pastel blue sky with white clouds or conversely, a blue night with bright stars.

To decorate the ceiling of the living room you can put the accent on a roof decoration combine well with the dominant furniture decoration. For example, a ceiling decorated with fabrics in shades of green would be perfect to enhance a zen-like decoration where natural materials are prioritized.

Ceiling lighting

The light is very effective to beautify a roof. Here, the recessed fixtures are the most recommended, since they bring refinement and design to the room. Otherwise, a smaller size screens at various points of the roof shall be to create a subdued and pleasant light.

On the other hand, you can choose to hang a lamp or wicker paper with small holes, and place it in the center of the room. The light offered by these lamps is very interesting; It is characterized by diffuse small spots of light are scattered around the ceiling and the rest of the room.
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The installation of a wreath of light will create bright subjects, especially if we are able to give nice forms, from classic to the most original.

In short, the roof forms an integral part of home decoration. Many times we forget this part of the house, putting the accent on the walls and floor. However, an original decoration on the ceiling can completely change the overall look of any room in the house.


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