How to Use it to Protect Your Home

How to Use it to Protect Your Home

How to Use it to Protect Your Home - Many properties have been attributed to the wheel throughout the centuries, and even today is one of the most widely used medicinal plants, but among his many attributes, is the esoteric plant par excellence. It is known as the grass of a thousand uses, and it is said that negativity back to it, which is why it is used in a variety of spells, as there is no evil that can not be undone.

This native to Europe, plant also provides benefits to the physical body, which is why, if a person is prone to disease, it will be advisable to go to the healing and supernatural qualities of this herb. One of its most popular uses is that it serves as soothing to the digestive problems that originate from irritable bowel; also it has a reputation to help regulate menstruation.

Among its esoteric attributes it is characterized by the following properties:

Protects generally acting as psychic prevention, it creates a protective field around who possesses it. Attenuates negativity, away and at the same time easily absorbed energy currents that can disrupt the harmony in the home.

Positive Attraction
It attracts the right people, whether friends or couples, and also positive circumstances.
To enjoy the benefits of the rough, nothing better than having this plant at home.

Try to consider the following tips:

  • It is often said that the most powerful rough is one that is taken from an outside garden, but the reality is that if we chose ourselves in a nursery and planted, will also provide its positive effects. The important thing is to plant and care for oneself as one's own hands will be transmitting energy and personal magnetism, basic ingredients for the plant to grow radiating good vibes.
  • Never must stand rough under a depressed mood or a physical ailment (not a woman if she is menstruating), because the results are probably not expected.
  • The site chosen should receive much sun can be on the ground or in a pot. In the esoteric tradition, it is recommended to place it on the left side of the garden or home, if male Ruff. If female, on the right. (Rue is female when their leaves are small, and male, when their leaves are large).
  • It is advisable to gently caress the floor with your hands, while longs to achieve what is displayed. If over time the plant begins to wilt, it is a clear signal that has begun to work for the welfare, absorbing negativity found in the environment. When this happens, simply buy another and repeat the previous cycle, and number them permanently, with good protection for your home.


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