Ceramic Tile Floor With Wood Effect, Materials, Design

Ceramic Tile Floor With Wood Effect

Ceramic Tile Floor With Wood Effect - Take a look at this floor and tell me if it does not seem the most warm wood finely polished and decorated?

I'm sure you will not doubt tell, but actually is a floor made entirely of ceramic. This new ceramic floor called Ironwood, which is a perfect imitation of wood, is marketed by the Italian firm Fondovalle and obviously the biggest advantages are its beauty and functionality.

Besides the beauty and functionality, we can not doubt its resistance, ceramics have the great advantage over wood and of course you can choose from several colors: Black, oak, white or walnut, warm colors with details of flowers painted on the surface.

The dimensions are also varied as the colors, you can choose 36 or 36 by 6 inches by 8 inches. Choose where to apply this charming design will fit both walls and floors in exteriors and interiors.

To learn more about this and other original products sold by the company please click on this link.


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