Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings - The styles and colors should be chosen depending on the effects to be achieved. There are different types of materials, some of them are Classic Line. Maderas. Among them, plank floors, which are rustic look and are ideal for country-style establishments. They manufactured as parquet offer a formal and elegant vision; they agree to install them in the dining rooms of classic style. 

There are several presentations that can be used for all three styles (classic, rustic and contemporary), for example, hammered wood for a rustic style. There are also many types of multi-colored wood, degrees of hardness and texturas.Pétreos. Floors are stone-related materials such as marble, stone itself, terrazzo, mosaic, tile, granite, etc. These are characterized by being easy to clean. Synthetics. 

These are usual in modern and practical construction. Including the LVT (eg pisopak), asphalt and others that mimic natural floors are. The advantages of such materials resides in its easy maintenance and replacement of damaged parts, as their placement is made by adhering glue to the floor. Ceramics. They are easy to clean and there in various designs. They can be used for all types of decor. It is recommended for restaurants because they are tough and very durable. Laminates. 

Manufactured with the highest technology and the best materials, which make them non-slip, anti-allergic, non-flammable and easy to clean (no wax or varnish). They exist in a variety of designs and colors. They are very simple to install, without glue, and one hundred percent recoverable. They are the only ones with resistant rubber gaucho humedad.De system. 

They are characterized by their extreme durability and resistance. The thickness varies from 2 mm to 4.5 mm, extremely slip resistant and acoustic presentation is 1m x 1m tiles and rolls. They are safe in case of fire. Not containing hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid, dioxins or furans. They also have different designs in attractive colors: granules, with dotted lines, two color, marbling drawings and mottled surfaces. 

High. Prefabricated floor panels are supported on pedestals. Installation is done dry. Each panel rests on pedestals freely without fixing. This creates a vacuum under the floor, which can serve to pass water pipes, air conditioning systems, etc. 

They are composed of two building elements substructure composed of pedestals of different lengths, design and capacity, to be combined with crossbars and joining profiles; and panels of different materials with or without surface coating, and modulation of 60 cm x 60 cm. 

The panels are made of noncombustible construction material, high fire resistance, acoustic, high load capacity and minimum buckling. acoustic vinyl heterogéneos.Nueva generation of heterogeneous vinyl flooring in a consistent composed of a base of multilayer high density foam with glass fiber reinforcement and a protective layer according to the case- will give a lifespan of 30 years plus. 

Self-extinguishing, they have fire classification M3 and ambient noise reduction 20dB. They are extremely resistant to abrasion and have antistatic properties. 

Do not create fungi or bacteria colonies if the presentation of this product is in rolls of 2 m wide x 25 m long. Among the special vinyl flooring are: 

  • Natura, a model that replaces the wood. 
  • Step, extra-slip


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