Christmas is near, have already decorated your home?

Christmas is near

Christmas is near - Christmas is coming and why today I want to offer some original ideas for Christmas home decoration, not the selection of images that have prepared them get lost and take note of the designs are really great.

To start we suggest you think of a combination of colors for their Christmas decorations.

Decorate the home for Christmas
Christmas ornaments style nórdicoEn

Christmas ornaments style nórdicoEn the image above we see several fairly simple homemade ornaments red and white. The style of these ornaments resembling Nordic; striped patterns with elements of natural materials such as wood. The lovely thing about this style is the sensillez presented.

Original ornaments magnolia leaves
original decoration fireplace shelf

This original design Christmas decoration is very interesting. The most striking ornaments as the Advent wreath or garland are made of magnolia leaves, the symbol of Christmas tree par excellence after fir, of course. As many already know, at Christmas is usually adorn those evergreens as representing eternal life.

Ornaments rustic wooden
Christmas ornaments rustic

The following designs are great Christmas decorations; almost everything is made with natural products such as wood or wicker. The appearance of these designs is a very modern country style with a combination of neutral colors have created a different and special holiday look.

White ornaments, gold and silver Christmas
Christmas ornaments the modern white

Also here we see a very attractive design. Here the Christmas decorations are white, gold and silver. These colors remind us of snow and winter, but also form a very modern and minimalist thanks to white set of appearance.

Original Christmas ornaments blue
celeste colored Christmas adortnos

Blue is a color that does not usually abound in Christmas decorations, however, we have also prepared some designs with blue ornaments like the one shown above. The combination of colors is very fresh and youthful.

Beautifully decorated room for Christmas
christmas decoration salons

The next design you see above instead is decorated in ocher and gold. The ornaments get complemented perfectly with the decor of the room making the whole environment radiates a very nice subtle sheen.

Decorate with silver ornaments Christmas table
deco silver Christmas ornaments table

Let us then to see some designs of table decorations for Christmas. This is a perfect time to take good crockery and glassware we keep for special events. If dinner is very busy and the table is not too wide can do without a centerpiece replacing small individual decorations in the square of each diner.

Original Christmas ornaments for the table
christmas ornaments wooden table

Candles are essential in a Christmas table. We can place them in many different ways and also use candles of different sizes. Above is an original design table decorated with some silver ornaments and several candles; ideal for intimate dinners decor.

Great table decoration with modern christmas
great Christmas table decoration

In the design shown above you can see many Christmas ornaments, all very current. The table is filled with white candles placed on a table centerpiece made from natural products. In the absence of pine twigs have been used cypress for the Advent wreath and a final note have been placed posters frames with Christmas cards, it is a very elaborate home design.

Original designs of Christmas decorations
originsales modern style Christmas decorations

As you will have already checked christmas may take a different look in every home, just find the most suitable for us. Now we leave you with more pictures of Christmas decorations, hope you enjoy travel and spend a happy holiday.


hello, my name is Ziaul kamal, I love writing, and the world will discuss the decor of the room and the building.

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